We would like to inform guests that the following menu we serve after 2:30 pm.
Till 2:30 pm we have only lunch menu.


Cold starters

109 Kč
100g Medium rare roast beef with mayonnaise and pickled shallot


89 Kč
100g Fine roasted pork belly with garlic


85 Kč
100g Camembert style cheese marinated in spicy oil


59 Kč
1ks Homemade pickled sausage



86 Kč
The original Debrecen goulash soup 0,5l


44 Kč
Soup of daily offer  0,3l


Warm starters

109 Kč
150g Prague ham with mustard and horseradich-apple sauce


119 Kč
300g Omelette with potatoes


106 Kč
150g Cream cheese fried in bacon

(cheese, bacon, breadcrumbs) it all on board


166 Kč
200g Fried Classic Trout


166 Kč
200g Grilled bass fish, lemon


286 Kč
200g Salmon filet with grilled vegetables, lemon

(salmon fillet without skin and bones, peppers, eggplant)


168 Kč
200g Chicken steak with prosciutto

(chicken breast, onions, tomatoes and slices of parmesan)

168 Kč
200g Chicken breasts stuffed with spinach

(chicken breast, spinach, mozzarella, garlic, cream)

168 Kč
200g Chicken breast “Dolly Buster”

(chicken breast, cream sauce, herb)

168 Kč
200g Chicken strips served on a hot plate

(chicken, onion, peppers, mushrooms, garlic, wine and soy sauce)

156 Kč
400g Chicken wings in sweet and sour sauce

(baked chicken wings, chilli and sweet and sour sauce)

Vegetarian dishes

139 Kč
200g Potato pancake filled matured cheese

(Olomouc cheese fried potato pancake)

139 Kč
200g Well fried Eidam


189 Kč
400g Vegetarian mix plate with baked potato and sauce

(grilled peppers and eggplant, corn, green beans, carrots and the cheese)


166 Kč
450g White Spaghetti

(chicken,white asparagus,cherry tomato,spring onion,parmesan)

166 Kč
450g Spaghetti “Popeye and Oli” peppered cheese

(chicken, folic spinach, ham, garlic, parmesan cheese, blue cheese)

166 Kč
450g Creamy forest Spaghetti

(mushrooms, onions, bacon and parmesan)

Specialties from Sklipek

199 Kč
800g Roast pork knee served on cutting board


219 Kč
500g Boneless pork knee with cabbage or spinach,mix of dumplings


199 Kč
500g Roast pork ribs “Western Union” served in a roasting pan

(spicy pork ribs, garlic baguette)

186 Kč
200g Spicy Goulash “Franz Josef” with mix dumplings

(beef, chilli, onion, sausage, dumplings)

166 Kč
200g Fried steak wrapped in potato pancake with sauerkraut

(the traditional Czech recipe with pickled cabbage and pork on chicken meat)

189 Kč
400g Roasted duck with cabbage and dumplings

(potato, bread or bacon dumplings/mix of dumplings

189 Kč
250g Pork neck “Mexico”

pork neck steak served with spicy Mexican salsa

On request

276 Kč
150g Chopped raw beef „Beef Tartar“

6 toasts with garlic

Meat on grill or from the pan

318 Kč
200g Beefsteak with mushrooms sauce

(beef sirlion of young bull,muschrooms,cream)

309 Kč
200g Beef Steak with egg and ham

(beef sirlion of young bull with egg and ham)

178 Kč
200g Gourmet stuffed steaks made of two kinds of meat

(pork meat, English bacon, smoked cheese, chicken breast, ham, mushrooms)

164 Kč
200g Classic fried steak with lemon and pickles

(on your request – pork or chicken)

249 Kč
250g Whole baked pork tenderloin

(pork tenderloin,green beams with bacon and garlic,pepper sauce)

249 Kč
250g Filled of pork tenderloin served with creamy Dijon mustard sauce


For big eaters

290 Kč
800g “Reccomendation of our Chief Karlík”

(spicy chicken wings, roasted pork ribs with carrot, garlic baguette and two kinds of sauces)

230 Kč
300g Meat jumble in the domestic potato pancake

(pork, beef, chicken, onion, garlic, peppers, chilli, ketchup)

284 Kč
400g Schnitzel or schnitzel?

(pork, chicken, Savoy schnitzel potato pancake with little bit mashed potatoes)

699 Kč
1000g Pot full of meat (for 2-4 persons)

(pork, beef and chicken meat, bacon, onion, potatoes, garlic, choriso, tomatoes, green beans, ketchup, chilli)


154 Kč
300g salad “Caesar”

(chicken,fried bacon,croutons,parmesan cheese)

154 Kč
300g Salad „Eiffel“

(lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, pepper,beetroot,fried camembert chese)

154 Kč
300g Salad “La Provence”

(chopped lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, peanuts, chicken meat in honey sauce)

154 Kč
300g Salad in English style

(lettuce, roastbeef, roast pepper, corn, balkan style cheese, balsamico, olive oil)

121 Kč
300g Salad in Balkan style

(tomatoes, pepper, cucumber, onion, oil, balkan style cheese or blue cheese)

96 Kč
300g Classic cabbage salad with bacon


55 Kč
100g Home made apple cake

with egg liquer and whipped cream

87 Kč
2 pcs Pancakes „Nutella”

(pancakes, nutella, bananas, whipped cream)

87 Kč
2 pcs Pancakes with forest fruits

(pancakes, hot mix of forest fruits, whipped cream)

63 Kč
1 pcs Honey cake with caramel and whipepd cream