Food menu

We would like to inform guests that the following menu we serve after 2:30 pm.

Cold starters

100g Sliced roasbeef with cocktail onions and mayonaise

129 Kč

100g Pickled Camembert

85 Kč

400 g Cheese platter

249 Kč

1pc Pickled pork sausage

69 Kč


Traditional goulash soup, served in a casket iron kettle

89 Kč

Soup of the day

49 Kč

Warm starters

150g Ham off the bone served with mustard and horseradish

119 Kč

150g Saausages marinated in dark beer, served with Czech bread

99 Kč

150g Aged Czech cheese rolled in bacon, coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried

119 Kč

150g Home fried potatoe lays chips served with garlic and pikante dip

95 Kč


200g Whole battered trouth

166 Kč

200g Baked salmon with grilled vegetables

286 Kč


200g Italien style roasted chicken breast, prosciutto, sundried tomatoes and mozzarella

168 Kč

200g Chicken breast filled with spinach, mozzarella, cream and garlic

168 Kč

200g Dolly Buster chicken breast served with a creamy herb sauce

168 Kč

200g Picante chicken noodles with onion, red pepper, cabbage, spring onion, chilli and soy sauce

168 Kč

400g Chicken wings served in a sticky sweat and sour sauce

169 Kč


200g Potato pancake filled with Czech aged cheese

149 Kč

150g Fried Eidam cheese with fried potatoes and tartar sauce

149 Kč

400g Fresh grilled vegetables – zuccini, eggplant, peper, Balkan cheese, fried potatoes, dressing

189 Kč


Spaghetti Aglio olio e peperoncino with bacon garlic and Parmezan cheese

169 Kč

Gnocchi with chicken breast and creamed spinach

179 Kč

Gnocchi with mushrooms, onion, bacon and parmesan

179 Kč


800g Roasted knuckle served on a carving board

229 Kč

500g Pork knuckle off the bone, served with a variety of dumplings and white and red sauerkraut

249 Kč

600g Western Union roasted pork ribs served with garlic baguette

249 Kč

200g Winner beef goulash F.J. with onion and bread dumplings

186 Kč

200g Pork or chicken schnitzel coated in a potato pancake served with a side of sauerkraut

186 Kč

400g Baked  duck  leg served with Czech dumplings, red and white sauerkraut

229 Kč

Special offer

150/300g Steak tartare (raw)  served with fried Czech bread and fresh garlic

276/499 Kč

From the grill/pan

200g Sirloin steak with cream of mushroom sauce

336 Kč

200g English style sirloin steak , ham and egg drizzled in it own juices

329 Kč

200g Chicken or pork shnitzel with pickled cucumber

164 Kč

250g Whole roasted pork tenderlion with green beans, garlic and bacon in a pepper sauce

249 Kč

250g Sliced pork tenderloin served with dijon mustard sauce

249 Kč

250g Picante Mexican style pork neck served with a side of salsa

189 Kč

To share

800g A tray of a variety of meat – picante chicken wings, roast pork  ribs, garlic baguette and 2sauces of your choice

299 Kč

300g Potato pancakes filled with pork, beef and chicken, onion, garlic, pepper and ketchup with chilli

230 Kč

400g Three kinds of schnitzel served with mash potatoes

284 Kč

2300g Baked duck with 3 kinds of dumplings and white and red sauerkraut

699 Kč

Small and BIG salads

300g EIFFEL salad

(mixed greens, tomatoes, pepper, beetroot and crumbed Camembert)

159 Kč

300g CAESAR salad

(chicken breast, bacon, crutons and parmesan)

169 Kč


(mixed greens, roastbeef, roast pepper, corn, feta cheese)

169 Kč

400g BALKAN salad

(cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, onion and Balkan cheese)

135 Kč

300g COLESLAW salad

96 Kč


2pcs APPLE STRUDLE served with cream and pear, drizzled in caramel sauce

79 Kč

3pcs CZECH PANCAKE served with blueberries and creme fraiche

89 Kč

Traditional Czech HONEY CAKE

89 Kč

HOT LOVE dessert – vanilla ice cream with hot rasberries

89 Kč

CHILDRENS SUNDAE – vanilla, choco and strawberry ice cream, choco lentils

79 Kč